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Custodians of the evidence of a person's life

posted 27 Oct 2013, 18:43 by Aleta Curry   [ updated 27 Oct 2013, 23:11 ]

I was musing recently that it can be an extraordinary thing to be an antiques valuer. Martin and I are often called upon to evaluate and appraise items belonging to a recently deceased person or one who has become incapacitated; in fact, it might be the thing we are asked to do the most.

It can be poignant when this involves house contents or a collection. I feel I ought to be particularly respectful when dealing with these items. Sometimes the items have been tended to with such care that it seems that one should be reverential in handling them. They’re not just ‘stuff’; they’re stuff that tells an individual’s story. We end up being the final dispersers of a lady’s or gentleman’s ‘stuff’, the goods and chattels that are, in the final analysis, the tangible evidence of a person’s life.  I do not treat this lightly.