Deceased Estates, Estate Planning, and Probate

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What is a Deceased Estate?

The legal estate, including all assets and liabilities, of a deceased person.

We can help you by providing a full range of services to assist with the management of deceased estates.

Family members and executors can be called upon to make difficult decisions under trying or emotional circumstances, and we can make your job easier by responding quickly and professionally.

We are qualified appraisers and can provide Probate appraisals and valuations for homes and property, from appraisals of individual items of Fine Art and antiques, to entire house contents and farm equipment.

We also buy entire estates and handle property clearance sales.

What is Estate Planning?

The process by which a person tries to arrange the affairs of his or her legal estate, (specifically issues of value, taxes and probate), while they are still living, so that after their death the estate can be settled smoothly.

We are able to provide you with professional valuations to help you ensure the equitable distribution of your property.

What is Probate?

The process by which matters pertaining to a deceased estate are settled. It is also the process by which a person's will is proved to be valid or invalid.

Probate resolves all matters of claims, inheritance and the distribution of assets.

The courts will require an accurate listing of the assets of the estate, and we can assist with this by providing inventories of household contents, itemisation of special items and appraisals as required.

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