Selling at auction

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How to sell at auction

At Tallong Auctions we have experience at all levels of the auction business: buying, selling, valuing and consigning, and so we understand what is important to our customers. The process should be a smooth one. Here are the basics for selling at auction.

Questions to ask your auctioneer before you sell

What do you charge to view and evaluate items? Do you charge travel expenses? Must we pay up front/do you waive fees if goods are placed with you for sale?

What are all the costs associated with placing goods with you for sale? Do you have a base insertion rate? What is the minimum value/estimated selling price at which I can place a reserve on a given item? Do you charge fees for pickup, storage, cataloguing, photography and advertising? What is your unsold item fee (fee charged per item, on each item that does not sell at the auction)?

We charge fees for:

  1. Seller’s premium
    This is a percentage of what each item sells for at auction. All auction houses charge a premium; that is how they make their money. We will tell you what the premium will be when we evaluate your goods. Our current premiums are among the most reasonable in the auction industry, and range from 12% to 18%, depending on which auction category your goods fit into. We have no hidden charges.

  2. Removal and storage
    We charge a reasonable removal fee for heavy goods and large estates, based on how many people are needed, how long it will take to move and what kind of equipment must be used. Storage fees are usually waived for the duration of the time your goods are placed with us for auction. Following the auction, if there are goods to be returned to you, you may choose to pick them up yourself, or have us deliver them to you at cost.

Please note that we presume that you have the right to sell any items presented to us, and that all items are clean and in excellent condition.

There are no extra fees for cataloguing, regular advertising or photography, and there are no penalty fees if your items do not sell. We do not charge any additional fees unless your collection or estate has special needs: brochures/catalogues to be produced, extra travelling outside of our service area, special advertising or transport, and the like. These would be discussed with you beforehand. We would charge if you haven’t told us about significant details. Any ‘extras’ not previously mentioned are charged at cost.

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