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All sales are final. All bids, absentee bids, telephone bids and live auction bids are accepted in accordance with our terms and conditions. Please read them before placing a bid

Tallong Auctions - Conditions of Sale

The Auctioneers charge a Buyer’s Premium of 12% (GST Inclusive) on top of hammer price. The Internet Buyer’s Premium is 15%. The Auctioneer has absolute discretion to divide any lot, to combine any two lots or to withdraw any lot or lots from sale, to refuse any bids and regulate bidding without in any case giving any reason and without previous notice. The Auctioneer may at his/her sole discretion determine the advance or refuse a bid. If during the auction the Auctioneer considers a dispute has arisen s/he has the absolute discretion to settle or re-offer the lot. The Auctioneer also has sole discretion to refuse entry of any person to the sale room. All lots are to be paid for and removed at the purchaser’s expense. Any customer or visitor shall pay for any items damaged by themselves or their dependents.


All bidders must register and furnish photo ID and their residential addresses. The highest bidder is to be the purchaser, and if any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the lot shall, at the discretion of the Auctioneer, be put up again at the last undisputed bidding and resold. The Auctioneer’s decision on all matters is to be final. No person is to advance less at each bid than the amount named by the Auctioneer. No bidding to be retracted. The Vendor reserves the right to bid by himself or by his agent. Please note, once the Auctioneer has determined yours to be the winning bid, a legal contract is created and you are obliged to pay for the item. We accept payment by cash, cheque (by prior arrangement only; the Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse cheques at their discretion), electronic bank transfer, EFTPOS, or by debit/credit card. Payment by Credit card is accepted subject to a bank surcharge (3% Amex; 1% MasterCard/Visa) on top of final invoice amount. All transaction fees payable by buyer.

The Buyer only takes ownership of the item once full payment is made. We reserve the right to hold on to items until funds (cheques and bank transfers) have cleared. All items remain the property of the Auctioneer until paid for in full.

All fees, including any postage and packing charges, are subject to GST at the current rate.

Absentee bids, telephone bidders and live auction bidding via the internet will be accepted provided the bidder has registered with the Auctioneers and provided payment details.


The Auctioneers act as agents only (unless otherwise specifically declared). They disclaim responsibility for default by either buyer or seller. They accept no responsibility in connection with the commissioning of members of their staff to bid for Lots on behalf of intending purchasers. The Auctioneer undertakes that care has been taken to see that catalogue descriptions are reasonably accurate and reliable but the Auctioneer is not necessarily in a position to know the history of or assess the quality of lots sold on behalf of principals. Each Lot as set out in the catalogue, or as divided or joined with any Lot or Lots at the sale at the sole discretion of the Auctioneers, is sold with all faults, imperfections and errors of description and neither the Vendor nor the Auctioneers are responsible for the authenticity, attribution, genuineness, origin, authorship, date, age, period, fitness for purpose, condition or quality of any lot. All statements in the catalogues as to any such matters are statements of opinion and are not to be taken as or as implying statements or representations of fact. Purchasers are deemed to have satisfied themselves by inspection or otherwise as to all such matters and as to the physical description of any Lot. The Auctioneers cannot make any guarantees as to the condition of electrical items unless tagged and buyers shall have them examined by a qualified electrical contractor before use, no refund is available if the item is faulty. Neither the Vendor nor the Auctioneers make or give, nor any person in the employment of the Auctioneers any authority to make or give any representation warranty and in any event neither the Vendor nor the Auctioneers are responsible for any representation or warranty for any statement in the catalogue.

All conditions, notices, descriptions, statements and other matters in the catalogue and elsewhere concerning any Lots are subject to any statements modifying or affecting the same made by the Auctioneer from the rostrum prior to any bid being accepted for the Lot.

Some items have a reserve price. The Auctioneer will protect the reserve on such items and use his discretion up to 10%. If this price is not reached, the Auctioneer will record the item as unsold and move on to the next item.

The Lots will be at the entire risk of the purchaser after the fall of the hammer but in the event of the Lot or Lots being totally missing on the day of delivery the Auctioneers will not be responsible for any estimated value beyond the price at which they were sold. In cases where portions of Lots may be missing such missing portions are to be allowed for at an equitable proportion of the sum for which the whole of such Lot was sold, and no more.

Any Lots not cleared by the time allowed may re-sold by public or private sale and the deficiency (if any) together with all expenses attending such re-sale shall be made good by the defaulter at this present sale and shall be recoverable as liquidated damages. Any damage caused by removal or otherwise must be made good by the person committing the same. Principles are considered responsible for the acts of their servants and by their workmen or any other persons whatsoever instructed.

Notwithstanding any other terms of these Conditions, if within two days after the Auction the Auctioneers have received from the buyer of any Lot notice in writing that in his view the Lot is a deliberate forgery and within seven days after such notification the buyer returns the same to the Auctioneers in the same condition as at the time of sale and by producing evidence the burden of proof to be upon the buyer satisfies the Auctioneers that considered in the light of the entry in the catalogue the Lot is a deliberate forgery then the sale of the Lot will be rescinded and the hammer price monies of the same refunded.

In completing the bidder registration on www.easyliveauction.com and/or www.liveauctioneers.com and providing your credit/debit card details, you authorise Tallong Auctions to charge the card given in full payment including all fees and shipping costs for items successfully purchased in the auction. You also confirm that you are authorised to provide these credit/debit card details and agree that we are entitled to ship the goods to the card holder name and card holder address provided in fulfilment of the sale. Live bidders via the Internet must pay the fees assessed by the Live Internet Platform Provider(s) for their services. The Auctioneers accept no responsibility in connection with problems, delays or failure of the live bidding platform(s), the telephones, electronics or the Internet.

All charges and commissions will be subject to GST at the current rate where applicable. Remote bidders must satisfy themselves prior to online bidding, either live or by commission bid at auction, that all condition reports, photographs and authenticity of lot(s) are to their satisfaction and they are happy to proceed with their bid(s). 

The Buyer shall not become the owner of any lot, and the Auctioneer shall have a lien thereon, until the Buyer has discharged the purchase price in full, but after the fall of the hammer the risk of damage or loss to the lot in question shall nevertheless pass to and remain with the buyer.

Customers may not pick up/collect items unsupervised. You may pay for and collect your items whilst the auction is in progress provided that that there is an attendant free to assist you, and that the administrative staff have determined that the items can be moved without disruption. Furniture and other large items cannot be picked up until the auction is finished. Please hand your stamped receipt to a member of staff for collection. Items shall not be released to agents. All items to be paid for and collected no later than the end of normal working hours during the day of sale, or within such extension of time as may specifically be agreed.

Shipping Policy

Postage: For small to mid-sized items, in-house professional quality packing and delivery via Australia Post (domestic and international, registered/signed for) buyer is charged at cost plus insurance plus $5 per item for packing and materials.

Items outside of Australia Post’s size and weight requirements can be sent by courier; costs payable by buyer.

Delivery:  The delivery of mid-sized to large items of regular proportions, not exceeding 150 kilos, can be arranged within our delivery service area, 200 km radius from auction site. Price on application.

Irregular shapes, fragiles/delicates, excessive size and/or weight, items requiring special handling, delivery outside our service area (including international): For these items, we can recommend shipping services or work with your preferred shipper/courier. All charges payable by buyer.

Tallong Auctions are not responsible for damage or loss of article(s) dispatched once a receipt from the post office or courier company has been received for safe transfer to the courier for onward shipping.  No items will be shipped until we have received full payment in cleared funds.

Default by Buyer

If the Buyer fails to pay for or remove any lot bought by him or in any other material respect fails to comply with these Conditions within 14 days of invoicing (unless prior arrangements have been made), the Auctioneer shall have the right:

  • to resell the lot by public auction or otherwise without notice to the Buyer, and if any deficiency arises on such resale after deducting the Auctioneer’s full cost and expenses, the Buyer shall be responsible to the Seller and Auctioneer but any net surplus to be the Seller’s or, alternatively,
  • to store the lot at the Auctioneer’s premises or elsewhere and to release the lot to the Buyer only after payment (in addition to the purchase price) in full of all reasonable storage and removal expenses incurred, together with interest on the outstanding amount.

General Terms

Any vehicles left on or around the premises are left at the owners’ own risk. Tallong Auctions are not liable for any damage or theft to such vehicles.

Tallong Auctions reserve the right to refuse admittance to any individual.

Anyone caught removing goods without payment will be reported to the police and prosecuted.

Any customer behaving in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave and banned from further sales.

All children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult at all times and not allowed touch items or to cause nuisance to staff or other customers.

No mobile phones or cameras shall be used in the sale room without permission. No video or other recording devises shall be used.

Tallong Auctions reserves the right to amend/replace or delete any of the above terms and conditions at any time.

Any customer registering items for inclusion in a sale and any customer purchasing from a sale with Tallong Auctions is deemed to agree with the above terms and conditions.